Swos Customizing

This page's purpose is just to make available my Sensible World of Soccer sound patch, and whatever else I may make in the future for this game. During the short periods of time that I'm motivated to make something, that is.

This patch accomplishes two things: 1) Makes Swos read everything from hard disk, so the CD -and even the CD drive- are not needed anymore. 2) More important, changes the way in-game comment files are loaded, so that you can now replace all commentaries with ones of your choice. In the past, this was possible only if you were choosing commentaries of exactly the same duration as the originals. And you also had to burn them on CD. But now it is much more easy to change everything, so I hope I will soon see a few good full sets of sound files available for download. Who knows, if a few good sets appear, we could also make an in-game menu for picking one among them easily. I have not looked at the crowd effects yet, but I may do so in the future.

For testing the patch, I had originally made a utility that randomly renames all comments files (and then restores them back, of course). It was funny to listen to completely inappropriate comments so I thought I could include it in the patch. This is not implemented yet, but will probably be pretty soon. One last note, at the moment this patch is only for the English version of the game.

Thanks to Zlatko Karakas, author of Swos++, for sharing with me his disassembly findings.

So here it is, run it and follow the on-screen instructions. Just a tiny contribution to my favorite soccer game which I will probably keep playing with friends for many more years. You are welcome to e-mail me for any comments.

Swos Sound Patch ver 0.01 (7 KB)

After applying the patch and if you feel like making your own set of comments, check my Guide To Changing Swos Comments.

For the next version of my patch, I plan the following: 1) Correct the bugs with the Penalty Missed comments and the Penalty Saved comments (see my "Guide to Changing Swos Comments" for description of these bugs). 2) Remove "shared" comments between categories, each category will use dedicated comments so that it will be easier to choose appropriate custom comments. 3) Rename all comment files so that names are more meaningful. For example, the Keeper Save comments will be named KS01.RAW, KS02.RAW, etc. 4) Ability to add or remove up to 15 comment files for each situation. The program will recognize at runtime how many comments are there for a particular situation and will adjust accordingly. For example, if you have 6 Goal comments named GL01.RAW to GL06.RAW the program will use just those 6. But if you add 3 more, named GL07.RAW, GL08.RAW and GL09.RAW, Swos will be able to recognize the added comments and use all of them!

As you understand the above patch is a rather big update that will radically change the way Swos comments are used, so please be patient. I know exactly how to do it, I just have to do the work.

Last updated: May 11, 2004 by Michael Mihelakakis